With offices in The Netherlands, the UK, USA and Bulgaria, the PDS Group has been delivering innovative
software technologies, R&D and consulting services to the Exploration and Production Industry for over
20 years. PDS services include petrotechnical consulting, business process reengineering, change
management, software R&D, program & project management and application support and
maintenance. PDS has been a key player behind many Industry IT initiatives such as Energistics and
OpenSpirit. Together with Shell, PDS established a Centre of Expertise (CoE) for petrotechnical software
research and development, which has been delivering technology solutions for over a decade.. Recently,
we have launched our own geoscience software; you can find out more about our first product Ava
Clastics here.
The PDS Group offers a global and collaborative work atmosphere. Whether you are interested in an
internship, research thesis or looking for a job, join PDS’s Geoscience Team for a unique career path in
the hydrocarbon EP industry. In our group you can pursue goals, develop new skills, change career
paths, and explore new horizons. Independent of how you start your career in our Geoscience Team,
you will be continuously challenged to identify and solve problems by combining geosciences with
technical IT. We offer various technical roles dealing with geoscience subsurface applications across
multiple domains, ranging from basin modeling to dynamic simulation. As part of our commitment to
continuous improvement, you also have the opportunity to enhance existing workflows and use your
creativity to prototype new technologies for the R&D geoscientists amongst you. In PDS we train you to
become a “hybrid”, allowing you to understand, use and built cross-domain and cross-disciplinary
subsurface modeling workflows.
It is not for everybody, but if you like to build up an extensive portfolio of subsurface modeling skills and
knowledge, using industry standard subsurface software packages such as Petrel and Techlog, and if you
have a client oriented attitude, PDS has a lot to offer for you.