Deltares Lunchlezing

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Waarde leden,

Kustbescherming is aan het veranderen van grijze infrastructuren naar en meer duurzame groene hybride infrastructuur. Vrijdag 3 december komt Floris van Rees (Jr. adviseur/onderzoeken bij Deltares) een lunchlezing geven over alternative nature-based solutions. Vergeet je lunch niet en kom tussen de middag naar dit interessante praatje. De lezing zal plaatsvinden in BBG 065. We zullen een kleine snack verzorgen voor bij de lunch dus schrijf je snel in via het registratieformulier onderaan de pagina.


Dear Members,

The coastal defence solutions are changing from grey infrastructure to a greener or hybrid infrastructure. On Friday the 3rd of December, Floris van Rees a Jr. Consultant/researcher at Deltares will give a lunch lecture about alternative nature-based solutions. Join this interesting talk during lunchtime in BBG 065.  We will provide a small snack for your lunch. If you are interested you can fill in the registration form below.


Ecology and Physical Geography Combined at Deltares

Globally coastal systems are threatened under climate change and anthropogenic stressors like over-fishing, subsidence and deforestation. After a century of defending coastal systems by grey infrastructure, green or hybrid infrastructure is considered as a valued alternative the last decade. We call these alternatives nature-based solutions (NBS). In this talk I will elaborate on my role as junior researcher at Deltares in projects related to NBS. I’ll discuss the role of mangroves in a sinking Delta at Java, Indonesia. I’ll describe how these trees aid the system from both an ecological, as an civil engineering perspective. Moreover, I’ll portray how worms can alter sediment properties of dredged material. I’ll also show as case in which we determined critical wave conditions for salt marsh vegetation in a wave flume. The latter alleviating restoration efforts.

See you on Friday the 3rd of December