The U.A.V. has a number of committees, for which its members can apply. During the first few weeks of the academic year, members are free to apply in the U.A.V. room. Applying for a committee does have its benefits, as it is a lot of fun and can be profitable too (see SAC)!

De following committees are part of the U.A.V.:

Almanac committee

Dies committee (Dies Natalis)

Introduction committee

WiekEx committee (Weekend Excursion)

Year committees

AcCU (Activities Committee U.A.V.)

BaCo (Batavierenrace Committee)

BBX (FCE) committee (Foreign Company eXcursion)

C.R.U. (Editorial Office for PanGeo, the U.A.V. magazine)

DJ committee

Gala committee

Committee of Education

Tappersgilde (Pouring committee)

ToCo (Theatre Committee)

U.A.Fragma (Filming and photography committee)