Energie Beheer Nederland

EBN (Energie Beheer Nederland) is a not an average company in the energy sector, whose shares are 100% owned by the Dutch state. For almost 50 years we have been using our knowledge, skills and strength to make an active and significant contribution to a future sustainable energy system. Based on its public task, EBN uses knowledge and its power to make connections to help accelerate the implementation of Dutch energy and climate policy with the aim of a sustainable, reliable and CO2-neutral energy system in 2050 at the lowest possible social cost.

We believe that within the transition, the potential of the land, the sea and the subsurface for our energy supply should not be considered in isolation, but should be considered and deployed as a whole in order to achieve an optimally functioning integrated energy system. We also believe that this change requires strong management and direction based on the public interest. This is a matter of close cooperation between many, where knowledge, skills, financial and innovative strength are combined to strengthen and accelerate the transition.

EBN is regularly looking for enthusiastic trainees for our 3-year trainee program. During this time you will gain experience in two different departments within the company and you will be guided in our Young Professional program. You can also graduate as an intern supervised by EBN and the university. View the topics of Master's students that preceded you here.