FEST Anne Schulp

Dear staff and students,

On Friday the 16th of February 16:00 Anne Schulp, professor at the department of Earth Sciences, will give a FEST talk about:

What’s for dinner in the Late Cretaceous seas?

During the Late Cretaceous, mosasaurs were a tremendously successful group of marine lizards. They exploited a wide variety of niches in the world’s marine ecosystems. I have been fascinated by their diverse feeding adaptations for a long time now, and I have looked at mosasaur feeding from a wide range of perspectives. So how do we know, how can we tell what these giant lizards were preying upon? By combining multiple lines of evidence, from tooth morphology to stomach contents (cannibalism!), from coprolites to stable isotopes, and from microwear to biomechanics, we start to get a better picture of who’s eating whom in the Late Cretaceous seas.

You can join the talk on-campus in KBG-Cosmos or online through our FEST TEAMS channel: https://tinyurl.com/fest-teams-meeting.

Drinks will be provided afterwards in the canteen of the Vening Meinesz.

Hope to see many of you at the FEST!

Best wishes,

The FEST committee