FEST: Suzanne Hangx

Dear staff and students,

On Friday the 17th of February Suzanne Hangx, Assistant Professor in the High Pressure and Temperature Lab, Utrecht University , will give a FEST talk about:

The Future is Green (Hydrogen)

In our search to find more energy security, while also moving away from fossil fuels, the generation of hydrogen fuel from renewable energy sources has taken flight. In order to supply industries or even communities, vast amount of clean energy will be needed (GWh-TWh). While some of this hydrogen fuel could be stored in tanks, an alternative option would be to utilize the subsurface for temporary or seasonal storage, which would enable us to buffer the intermittent nature of renewable energy.

However, injection-production operations will inevitably take the subsurface system from its chemical and physical equilibrium. In order to assess the impact of such activities, we need to have an accurate understanding of how the subsurface will respond. In this FEST lecture, I will address what aspects still need to be investigated within my own area of research (Experimental Rock Deformation) and also give an outlook to how the broader Earth Sciences community could contribute. The latter is of interest given the funding initiatives that are currently underway, such as the Groeifonds Groenvermogen programme.

 The FEST will take place in KBG – Cosmos at 16:00. Drinks will be provided afterwards in the grand-café of the VMA.

Hope to see many of you there!

The FEST committee