FEST Darcy Rush

Dear staff and students,

On Friday the 26th of May, Dr. Darci Rush, a senior scientist at NIOZ will travel all the way from Texel to give a FEST talk about:

Exploiting bacterial lipids: Using bacteriohopanepolyols to trace past climate

Bacteriohopanepolyol lipids (BHPs) have a large structural diversity and are synthesized by a wide range of bacteria. Certain BHPs are unique to bacterial communities (e.g. amino-BHPs are biomarkers for methanotrophic bacteria) and biogeochemical processes (e.g. bacteriohopanetetrol isomer is a biomarker for anaerobic ammonium oxidation). The high preservation potential of BHPs can be exploited to reconstruct paleoclimate in sediment records. Recent results have shown that specific BHPs found in soil can be used to calculate the critical environmental variables of mean annual air temperature (MAT) and soil pH. In fact, our initial study found that the BHP indices defined for MAT and pH correlate better with their variables than more widely used organic proxies (i.e. branched GDGTs). This talk will present work on the development of these promising new BHP-based proxies and introduce an upcoming PhD position that will be funded at NIOZ.

Hope to see many of you there!

The FEST committee