Symposium: Exploring Worlds Beyond

Dear members,

On the 21st of december the symposium “Exploring Worlds Beyond” will take place from 13:00-17:00 in the Megaron hall in the Educatorium at Utrecht Science Park.  A variation of speakers will talk about the many different disciplines of planetary science. Learn more about the secrets of Jupiter, water on Mars, habitable planets, planets’ interior and much more.

Because of Covid-19 , there is only a limited amount of people who can be physically present at the symposium. The symposium will thus also be streamed online. When registering, make sure to click the box if you want to be physically present or just online. The first 75 to register for the physical spots are in luck! We would like everyone to fill in their adress, so we can send the programme booklets to your homes.

You can join the Team via this link:

With resilient regards,

The 77th board of the U.A.V.