U.G.D.D. “Bull’s Hit”

Utrechts Geo Darts Dispuut "Bull's Hit". This gentleman's fraternity was founded on January 26, 1989 by and for a select group of the male darting earth scientists within the Utrecht Earth Sciences Association. Characterized by a multitude of traditions and special activities, the fraternity is always represented in large numbers at the activities of the U.A.V. The fraternity has more than 50 Members and Former Members, who are active in various committees. Since December 2012, the home base of the Gentlemen of the fraternity has been Café Weerdzicht on the Oudegracht in Utrecht.

The 34rd Board of U.G.G.D."Bull's Hit" consists of the following members:

Mr. O.C. Somerwil - Chair
Mr. J.J.H. van Lith - Secretary
Mr. S.R. van den Berg - Treasurer