U.G.D.D. Saxifraga

The Utrechts Geologisch Dames Dispuut Saxifraga, founded on March 4, 1987, is the oldest fraternity of the Utrecht Earth Sciences Association. Saxifraga originally set itself the goal of promoting mutual contact between female students at the Institute of Earth Sciences. This association of women quickly grew into an active fraternity with loyal members. The dispute currently consists of 25 active members.

The ladies meet several times a month to eat and drink together. For example, we can often be found in our favorite pub and we eat and drink together before every U.A.V. party. Also beside the drinks is U.G.D.D. Saxifraga for fun times. For example, we go on a weekend every year, we organize many different activities and we celebrate several holidays together. In addition to the fun within Saxifraga, activities also take place with the other fraternities of the U.A.V. and with the fraternities of sister associations. We are the oldest and most beautiful fraternity that the U.A.V. has!

The 37th Board of U.G.D.D. Saxifraga consists of the following members:

Miss. Vianne schroevers - Chair
Miss. Reger Besançon - Secretary
Miss. Babet Strien - Treasurer