U.G.K.D. 'De Kaartografen’

The Utrecht Geologist Cardgame Fraternity “De Kaartografen”, is a mixed fraternity of the Utrecht Earth Sciences Association. In March 2010 our fraternity was founded from a group of friends who value all kinds of card games and fun. Since April 26, 2010 we are an official fraternity that has always strived for fun and playing cards. Once every 2 weeks we have a card evening in our local pub “De Stichtse Taverne” and during the year we also organize various open activities for the association, such as the open poker evening and the opening Kings evening. We therefore hope to welcome you to one of our fun activities to play cards while enjoying a beer.
Het 14e bestuur is geïnstalleerd met de volgende constitutie:

Dhr. M. de Jager                     Praeses
Mej. E.A.L. Hengeveld           Ab Actis
Mej. F.J. Meereboer               Fiscus