Board Pronk

the 78th Board of the U.A.V.


Dexter A.J.A. Pronk

The Chair is responsible for the study association and ensures that everything goes according to plan, both within the association and within the board.

My name is Dexter Pronk. I am 23 years old and 5th -year student of earth sciences. This year I will fulfill the chair position within the board. I have a broad interest, but I lean towards physical geography and I really like coding and using software. In my spare time I like to work out, cook or enjoy my friends. I am really looking forward to my board year and I'm going to make something of it!
Commissioner of External Affairs

Elena J.L. Gianotten

The Commissioner of External Affairs maintains all external contacts of the association concerning partners and sponsors. Planning career-related activities and the book sales are also part of his duty.

Hoi! Ik ben Elena en dit jaar vervul ik de taak van Assessor Primus bij de U.A.V. Ik ben 21 jaar oud en 4e jaars aardwetenschappen student. Komend jaar ga ik veel in contact zijn met bedrijven om interessante bedrijfspresentaties en -bezoeken te organiseren! Ik vind van alles binnen de aardwetenschappen interessant maar neig het meest naar de klimaatfysica. Naast studeren houd ik veel van koffie drinken, spelletjes spelen, muziek en lekker eten met vrienden. Hopelijk zie ik je snel op een activiteit of op de U.A.V.-kamer!

Jooske M. van Buuren

The Secretary is in charge of the communication within the association. The secretary is responsible for the agenda, memberships, and communication with internal and external parties.

Hey! My name is Jooske van Buuren and I am 21 years old. During my fifth year as an earth scientist I can fulfill the sectretary position within the U.A.V. Outside the U.A.V. I meet a lot with friends and I like to play games. I also like to be outside in nature. I am really looking forward to this year and I hope to meet you on activities or in the U.A.V.-room!
Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Brecht P. Schielen

The Commissioner of Internal Affairs arranges the internal contacts within the association. He helps the committees and organises all sorts of social activities, like social drinks and parties. He is also in charge of the provision of the UAV-room for the members.

Hi I am Brecht and this year I will be in the position commissioner of internal affairs of the U.A.V. I am 20 years old and this is my third year of earth sciences. I am always in for a chat or a drink and hope to see you soon at one of our many activities!

Hester M. Flikweert

The Treasurer deals with the financial aspect of the association. Financial matters concerning the association such as the contribution and the accounting for activities are his responsibilty.

My name is Hester Flikweert. I am currently 20 years old and third year student of earth sciences. This year I have the position of treasurer within the U.A.V. to fulfill. This means that I will be concerned with all money matters. In addition to the board life, I like to work out, meet up with friends or read a good book. I like to be outside and during the holidays I prefer to go into the mountains for a good walk!
Commissioner of Education

Daan Franken

The Commissioner of Education is focused on the education-related part of the association. The Commissioner of Education is responsible for the association's tutoring network, for organizing lectures, symposia and the SAC-certificate.

Hi! I am Daan Franken and will fulfill the position of commissioner of education this year. I am 21 years old and fourth year earth scientist. In my spare time I love chilling with friends, the scouting and sailing. I am really looking forward to this year and hope to welcome you often in the U.A.V.-room and activities! Bye!