Utrecht Earth Sciences Association

Our song: Het lied der Aardsche Helden

The Utrecht Earth Sciences Association was created in 2012 from the merging of the U.G.V. and Drift ’66. The culture and traditions have both been partly adopted, but the U.A.V. has acquired its own identity over the years.

The U.A.V. has grown into a large study association with more than 900 active members. As a study association, the U.A.V. affiliated with Utrecht University. Besides the obvious education-related aspect of the U.A.V. The association has many other fun and interesting aspects.

The social aspect of studying plays an important role at the U.A.V. With activities such as the Thursday afternoon drink (DMB), sporting activities and parties. There is always something to do. In addition, the U.A.V. also a large number of committees and five fraternities.

The U.A.V. is also focused on career related events. Promoting vacancies/internship positions at companies, company presentations and company visits are fixed parts of the U.A.V. agenda. In addition, there are also LinkedIn and CV courses to prepare you for business.

The U.A.V. works from the Buys Ballot building at Utrecht University. Room 2.63 is known as the "U.A.V.-room" and is the place where the board and a large part of the members can often be found. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee, play a game with your fellow students, watch a movie or have a great Thursday afternoon drink (DMB) and much more.

Despite all of the U.A.V.'s domestic events, every Earth scientist has a love of foreign travel. So this should not be missing. With trips such as the BAX (Foreign Earth Science Excursion), the ski trip, the APEx (Earth Science Easter Excursion), FCE (Foreign Career Excursion) and the introduction weekend, every earth scientist can count himself lucky at the U.A.V.

Helden laten zich niet tergen

Verheven in ons Aarderijk

Wij staan boven alle bergen

en doorstaan de tand des tijds

Trouw zo zullen wij haar Eren

De schoon- en wijsheden begeren

Met het oude Stichts, Hoezee

Waardig lid der U.A.V.


Utrecht onz’ almamater

De domstad is de bakermat

Zorgen, ach die zijn voor later

Haal de vreugde uit het vat

Ei, het lied der Aardsche helden

Het toonbeeld van de welgestelden

Met het oude Stichts, Hoezee

Waardig lid der U.A.V.

(Written by M.A.P. Koolschijn, J.J. Hennekam en R.G. Nieboer)
dated September 10, 2015, the above-mentioned Jam company offered and presented the second verse to the association.