U.G.V.D. de Roze Rakkers

The Utrecht Geologist Football (mainly inside) Fraternity, founded February 2, 1992 on the recommendation of celebrities such as Bep Bakhuis, Abe Lenstra and James Hutton, who thought it was a brilliant idea to combine geology and football. After all, wasn't it Columbus who, because of his extensive football experience, firmly believed in the roundness of the earth, which means that today we get Ball Clinton in its entirety via satellite. And wasn't the proverb used to be 'the ball(s) of Columbus', in later centuries renamed by innocent souls as 'the egg of Columbus'. A ball is actually like the Earth: Where a football is connected by alternating black and white surfaces, the Earth is connected by tectonic plates, and where a football is ravaged by a foot of one of the Pink Rascals, the Earth is ravaged by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The name Roze Rakkers (Pink Rascals) was chosen for a reason. It is always wonderful to see how opponents of these illustrious football heroes enter the field or the hall with a smile, thinking that they will wash the pink pig (Dutch saying), and then leave the field as true losers. However, they do not yet know that the numbers they just lost with will be doubled during the third half. Every activity of the U.A.V. a delegation of the Roze Rakkers are present and destroy many a square bottle there. Because the ball is round, but the bottle remains square!

This fraternity was founded on February 2, 1992 by and for the (indoor) soccer U.A.V. members.

Het dispuut is op 12 november 2023 formeel veranderd tot een Mannendispuut op de eerste vergadering o.l.v. Bestuur Lokerse.

Het huidig bestuur is op de vergadering d.d. 12-11-2023 als volgt geconstitueerd:

Le Cock Sportief                       Praeses
Onderduiker                             Ab Actis
El Sjaanie Pu Nani                   Fiscus