A.-Z. Baklava

A.-Z. Baklava is the tastiest, culinary and most spicy fraternity that the U.A.V. rich. A.-Z. is an abbreviation that stands for Earth Science Baking Culinary Fraternity And Fermenting Society Here In Your Kitchen Laughing With Noodles Or Pancake Quota Meeting Regularly In Utrecht United By Wine And Xerophile Yes-moaning Bliss (This works better in Dutch).

The foundation on a Wednesday evening in early 2010 makes Baklava one of the younger fraternities of our association. At our fraternity, enthusiastic members cook, bake or satisfy culinary desires in other ways. Many members of our beautiful society know the art of creating beautiful cakes and other delicacies that make earth scientists very happy. Our fraternity meets twice a month to do what we are good at. In addition, we have open activities and other traditional activities organized for the entire association. The tastiest cocktails are also prepared and drunk before every U.A.V. party, we go on a fraternity weekend and experience unforgettable evenings with the other fraternities. To keep all the chaos in the kitchen somewhat under control, there are the golden Whisk, Ladle and Dishwashing Brush. These attributes are used by the board, consisting of:

Mej. Isa Meirink                               Chef de Cuisine
Mej. Lieke van den Hoven              Sous-chef de Cuisine
Dhr. Paul van Brakel                        Casserollier