Dear members,

Coming July 8, 2023 it will finally be done, the first U.A.V. Friends of your Past-day will take place! This is the time to introduce your old friends to our wonderful association and the beautiful city. During the day you will explore Utrecht together with your friends from home by means of a geological walk through the city and an U.A.V. tradition inspired activity bingo. In the evening you can dance like a star during the U.A.V. party in the Poema!

The geological walk through the city
For the geological walk through the city we are looking for enthusiasts who want to take a group along a mapped out route. Here you will tell / hear more about the city in an earth science jacket. This geological walk will look a bit different from the city walk we know from the introduction period, but it's mostly the same. As a guide you can still bring your old friends and it will not affect the rest of the activities. You will only get a small group to take you around the city, explaining more about geological points of interest.

The party
The party will start at 8 pm in the Poema and the target price is free. The fact that you are registered for the day activity does not guarantee a spot for the party! Sign up for both.

With driven regards,

the 78th Board of the U.A.V.

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