Welcome to the website of the Earth Sciences Student Society Utrecht!

The Earth Sciences Student Society Utrecht (U.A.V.) is the student society of the study Earth Sciences (Faculty of Geosciences) at Utrecht University. The society was founded in 1946, has a rich history and has since expanded and grown into a society with more than 900 members and alumni. The society’s goal is to strengthen the relationships between students themselves and between students and the professional world. To accomplish this goal, the U.A.V. organizes a broad range of activities each year. During the year, the agenda is filled with several study-related and relaxing activities, such as inland and foreign excursions, symposia, themed parties, company excursions, drinks and lectures.

These things aside, the U.A.V. also takes care of the book selling’s for its members and offers the opportunity for students and companies to get in touch through company presentations and vacancies.

Everyone is welcome to drop by the U.A.V.-room for a cup of coffee, any questions or a relaxing chat!