NCBE: chairmen and lecturers


Phil Vardon will be the moderator for the “Geothermal Energy” session!

Phil Vardon is the professor of energy-geomechanics at TU Delft. He leads the scientific programme of the Delft campus geothermal project, which is targeting to be a comprehensive urban heating system supplying 25 MW of thermal energy in the urban environment. This system comprises a deep geothermal doublet which was drilled in 2023, a shallow high temperature aquifer thermal energy storage system which has recently had a pilot well drilled, an ultra-deep monitoring borehole and an extensive monitoring system.

Phil’s background is in multi-physics of geomaterials, and he has applied this in both numerical and field studies and in a range of topics covering geo-energy, radioactive waste disposal and flood defenses. He currently focuses on a variety of different geothermal energy technologies. He holds MEng and PhD degrees from Cardiff University in the UK, and moved to TU Delft in 2012 where in 2023, he was appointed as professor.

Hans Bolscher will be the moderator for the ‘Subsurface Energy’ session!

Hans is a Dutch economist and senior consultant in the field of climate, (renewable) energy, and innovation. Over the years, he has held managerial positions in both the public and private sectors. He is the former Director for Climate and Industry at the Ministry of Environment of the Dutch government and was Director of CCS at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In addition to his advisory and commissary roles, he has served as a board member for several profit and non-profit organizations and has been the chair of the vibrant Dutch Geothermal Association (GeothermieNL) for the past three years.