Dutch Career Excursion

Dear Members,

this year the FCE committee stood for a challenge. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we won’t be able to travel to Sweden this year. So we have made the decision to look closer to home. We are staying in our own beautiful country this year, the Netherlands. The will be a lot of changes this year, but we are confident that a career excursion in the Netherlands will be as good and interesting as all other Foreign Career Excursions. On the 22nd of January, we revealed our destination. We announced that this year, we will be using a list of interests. After filling in this form, you are not obliged to anything. We are just curious about the number of Master’s students interested in visiting our own beautiful country and companies. We will give regular updates about the planning of the activities.

If you missed our reveal video, you can view it again on this page.
Please fill in the form if you’re interested and we hope to see you all soon.

With domestic greetings,

The FCE committee


Dear members,

First of all, thank you for your interest in the Foreign Career Excursion (or Dutch Career Excursion) this year. We are trying to do our utter best to come up with an alternative program this year.
Unfortunately, the downscaling of the Covid-19 restrictions has not taken the path we would have loved it to take. As a committee, we have set some boundary conditions for the continuation of our excursion. The most important one is the ability to actually travel to and visit the companies we are interested in. As the FCE/DCE cannot continue without the physical aspect of actually visiting companies and meeting employers at the location, the organizing committee has taken a decision:
The FCE will be postponed from the 23rd till the 26th of June 2021.
We realize that these dates are not in a free period, yet this seems to be our best option of organizing any excursion. We sincerely hope that in the coming months, the vaccination program might lead to some downscaling in the restrictions. In the meantime, we hope you stay interested in participating in our excursion.
We will keep you updated if any news arises about these new dates.
With Kind regards,
The FCE committee ‘19-‘20-‘21

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