Foreign Career Excursion

Each year, the FCE committee (Foreign Career Excursion, previously known as the BBX committee) organizes an excursion abroad to get acquainted with career opportunities within Earth Sciences. During the excursion, universities, research facilities, and companies are visited so students can explore thesis, internship, and job options abroad and learn about the geology and physical geography in the country of residence.

The exclusive group of 20-30 students that are selected to join the excursion have been subject to a selection process, in which they are required to submit an application letter including their personal motivation and curriculum vitae. This ensures that only highly motivated and outstanding students will join the excursion. Examples of previous excursion destinations are Norway, Iran, Romania, Switzerland, and Iceland. During these excursions, research facilities and companies were visited, and the countries were explored. This was not only educational and useful for career purposes, but also a great and fun experience for the participants.

Are you a Master student looking for a more serious committee, are you organized, creative, and fun, and do you want to go on an amazing trip abroad? Then join the FCE committee! Here, you can apply all your knowledge gained within the U.A.V. and during your studies. Send a message to the Assessor Primus and maybe you will organize the next FCE!

The committee members of FCE Oman:

Praeses: Anke van Grieken
Ab Actis: Luc van Dijk
Fiscus: Kasper van der Veen
Roland van der Walle
Reinder Hemstra
Elena Gianotten
Anna van den Broek

The committee members of FCE 2024:

Praeses: Frank Mollee
Ab Actis: Maartje Super
Fiscus: Vincent Lanjouw
Maureen van den Bosch
Pien Hendriks
Gijs Glastra