Geodan Case Study

Dear members,

On Tuesday April 6th, the Geodan Case study will take place. Geodan is a company that uses the binding power of location intelligence. Questions will be asked like “what is the best place to build a noise barrier, a windmill or a distribution centre?” or “how will this area look after 20 years if we change its course”. These topics will be experienced first-hand with a case study. Geodan has projects throughout the country and together we will take a closer look.

The case study will start at 14:00 and will last approximately 2 hours. It will take place on MS Teams. Subscribe on the website or send an email to A Teams link will be provided on the day itself.

14:00 – 14:15 Introductie

14:15 – 14:25 Traineeship bij Geodan

14:25 – 15:00 Projecten bij Geodan

15:00 – 15:10 Pauze

15:10 – 16:40 GeodanMaps workshop

16:40 – 16:45 Afsluiting

Best regards,

Tim van der Wurf

h.t. Assessor Primus of the Utrecht Earth Science Association