HKV – lijn in water

HKV is the knowledge entrepreneur in the field of water safety and management. Our 80 employees work both in the Netherlands and internationally. We develop and apply our knowledge together with our clients, which usually consist of water boards, Rijkswaterstaat, Dutch and international governments, the World Bank, the European Commission and private companies. Also we work closely with universities and research institutes. We reserve 10% of us budget for research and development, including doctoral research, publications and product development. All our employees have an academic background in civil engineering,
engineering, mathematics, physics, meteorology or earth sciences.

We provide advisory services on managing floods and droughts in the broadest sense of the word for rivers, deltas, coastal areas, polders and cities for current and future climate situations. Our work is strongly anchored in society and policy making. We translate
our advanced technologies and knowledge to practical applications, which are used for solving societal problems and answering questions from policy makers. Our studies often have a major impact on policy decisions.