Let's Go Africa

Environmental and Conservation project, Zanzibar

Project kind
Internship/Minor/Volunteer work

Environmental and Conservation project, Zanzibar

Short description
This project was created to promote education as a tool that can help conserve and enhance the
earth’s biological diversity. The organization employs a unique combination of education, and
communication strategies to achieve its goals. For example to promote the culture, environmental
awareness and heritage of this beautiful country to help the poorest residents in developing the
skills and resources they need to achieve a healthy lifestyle and sustainable livelihood.



Project duration

Minimum length of stay
2 weeks, but preferably longer

Starting period

Number of students

Project fields
Education, Environmental studies, Geography, Ecology, Nature, Biology, Communication

Project information
Project description
Zanzibar Internship & Volunteer Organization (ZIVO) is created since 2007 by the shared ambition
of a few local people to provide technical, educational, and hands-on volunteer support to
grassroots community projects on the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania, to improve living conditions of
its inhabitants. Services are provided to all people regardless of gender, age, tribe, ethnicity,
disability or religion.
Problem statement: the local community has less education on environmental conservation.
Goal: to teach individuals and communities, in transitioning to a society that is knowledgeable of
the environment and its associated problems, aware of the solutions to these problems, and
motivated to solve them.

The internship
Role of the intern: engaging with local community, enhance their appreciation of the environment,
resulting in positive environmental behavioral change. Aiming for skills transfer next to leaving
behind materials and methods that can be used in terms of sustainability.

Specific activities:
 Enable the local community members to think critically, ethically, and creatively
 Evaluating environmental issues
 Educating people
 Using efficient tools and methods

The facilities
Supervisor: Available with Bachelor degree
Workspace for intern: at the schools and in the community
Swahili language course available
ZIVO is currently in a close relationship with the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA). Hence, our
volunteers will have the opportunity to visit the compounding of State University sharing different
ideas related to the field of education. This will be facilitated by the collaboration between ZIVO
and State University Student Union.
Let’s Go Africa intern/volunteer packages include:
Suitable project with project description according to all criteria
Pre-departure introduction & safety meeting
Visa application (and extension) assistance + flight booking assistance
Accommodation (arrangements only)
Airport pick up from Zanzibar International Airport (Stone Town)
In-country introduction regarding country, project and your role
Daily transport from the guesthouse to the project and back
Experienced and qualified supervisor and contact person constantly available
Interaction with local community and experiencing the local culture
Support and guidance from the moment of registration until return back home
Country information brochure
Informal feedback session
Certificate (proof of participation)
Total package cost
€400 – €525 (depending on Volunteer work/Minor/Internship and length of stay)
The costs
The one time amount for Let’s Go Africa service packages are stated above.
Please see accommodation price below for your duration of stay.
Included in the accommodation price for all ZIVO projects:
Accommodation in an international volunteer guesthouse with WIFI
Project partner donation ($150-$200 per month) for community development NGO
Daily breakfast, lunch & dinner (Monday – Friday) prepared by cooking lady at guesthouse with
certain type of meals on request

Daily cleaning of the house and washing machine
Daily attendance of ZIVO staff member for any assistance
Drinking water
Utility costs like water, electricity and gas
Length of stay in
Total price p.p. at
Guesthouse + meals
Single room (in Euro’s)
Total price p.p. at
Guesthouse + meals
in double room sharing (in
Per week €173 €173
Per month €692 €692

Intern requirements
 Fully Self-funded, however we do encourage fundraising or crowdfunding
 Passionate and capable in your field
 Flexible and socially strong
 Friendly and active
 Good Communication skills