Lezing Lonneke Roelofs: Debris flows on Earth and farther away

Dear members,

On the 5th of March, Lonneke Roelofs will give a lecture about: Debris flows on Earth and farther away.
Fluidized granular flows are common geomorphic processes and a major force for long-term landscape evolution on Earth and other planetary bodies in our solar system. The processes, liquids and volatiles behind fluidization may, however, vary between planetary bodies depending on their atmospheric composition and conditions. In mountainous areas on Earth, granular material is fluidized by water, resulting in debris flows that carve gully systems. On planet Mars, gully landforms, likely created by debris-flow-like processes are also observed. However, their widespread present-day activity cannot be explained by water-driven processes due to the lack of liquid water on the planet and the current atmospheric conditions. I will show our experimental results that we collected over the past 3 years and discuss the similarities and differences in flow dynamics of fluidized granular flows on Earth and Mars. I will discuss how on both planets these flow processes erode material and change landscapes over time, and what kind of implications our findings have for the geologic history of Mars and (future) hazards on Earth.
The lecture takes place in KBG 228 and will be held in English.
You can earn a SAC point by attending the lecture and use it for your masters portfolio.

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