Lezing Timothy Price: Making impact with my coastal research

Dear members,

Timothy Price will give us a lecture not only on what kind of research he does but focussing on how he carries out his research. How does he engage a broader audience, with which parties does he collaborate on projects and why, and what can he contribute to those collaborations as a geoscientist?

Making impact with my coastal research
Coastal areas are of interest to many people outside of academia. The science done by coastal researchers therefore has a tremendous potential to make a societal impact. With this talk I would like to show some of my research and illustrate how I engage with the public, which stakeholders are involved in my projects and why, and what I bring to the table as a geoscientist/physical geographer. I will discuss examples related to citizen science, swimmer safety and coastal management through sand nourishment.
The lecture will be held on March 13th, from 16.00 till 17.00. The lecture takes place in BBG 109. You can earn a SAC point by attending.

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the 79th board of the U.A.V.