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Internship Green Coding

Looking for a work-along internship or for a professional environment to do you endthesis research? You’re welcome! Click below to apply for our Internship Green Coding vacancy.

What we aim for

As an IT-company that cares for the environment, we are eager to keep investigating new options to reduce our environmental footprint. This brings us the desire to improve our green coding skills as well.

We hope to find a software-developer-intern, who is devoted to IT and also strives to have a positive impact on the climate challenge that we face as a society. Our software developers are motivated to improve their green coding skills, but sometimes lack time to really deepdive in this rather new field of expertise themselves.

Can you help us?

Any approach can be discussed…

… but in general we are looking for someone who:

  • enquires our current way of software development in general and coding in particular
  • investigates and tests options for improvement
  • shares the knowledge gained with our tech community

We hope you will improve energy-efficiency by, for example, focusing on ways of code optimization, hardware resource utilization and optimized use of cloud resources.

Interested? Apply here!