Symposium on droughts;
Global water scarcity in a changing world

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Water scarcity is a recurring problem on a global scale. Regions that are subject to droughts deal with several problems regarding food security, drinking water shortages, endangered ecosystems, and more. Even in a ‘wet’ country like the Netherlands, we are facing groundwater depletion, leading to salinization and soil subsidence. Climate change is likely to increase the impact of droughts as they are projected to increase in most regions in the world. Therefore, water management becomes even more important in the future.

On the 19th of December, the U.A.V. is organizing an Earth Sciences symposium to discuss these very problems. Several speakers will take the stage to talk about their research and (foreign) projects. A global view on water scarcity will be addressed, as well as local problems and solutions from the Middle East, to Africa, and back to the Netherlands.

U.A.V. Symposium on Droughts: Global Water Scarcity in a Changing World.
Date: 19th December, from 13:00-19:00
Location: Utrecht University, Science Park: KBG, room Cosmos.
The symposium will be held in English.
U.A.V. members can earn SAC points by attending.

The program can be found below and in the program booklet. Sign up for the symposium by filling in the form below. Make sure to enter your email correctly. I will send the program booklet and further details a week before the start of the symposium.

We hope to see you at our Symposium!

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