Van Oord Casestudy

Dear members,

Juni 26th at 13:15, Van Oord will come to Utrecht Science Park to present a case study!

Van Oord is working hard to make the Netherlands climate-resilient. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) plays an important role in predicting the impacts of climate change. If you are interested in what Van Oord is doing, how GIS is used in this, and how you can contribute, we would love to talk with you.

During the session, there will be a hands-on use case with QGIS where you will perform various analyses yourself. In this practical course, you will learn how to use GIS to create a detailed model of the areas in Limburg that are most threatened by increasing rainfall due to climate change.”

Don’t forget to bring your laptops and instal QGIS on it. Details will be send to you via email when signing up using the form below

Location:  BBG 209